A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Crystal the Witch is a short visual novel focused on a young witch, named Crystal. Join her and her feline companion, Lily, as they prepare to brew a special potion together! Determined to show her skills and impress her new friends, Crystal plans to host a special event to talk to the dead, but could she be as skilled as she thought? Crystal's quick temper, and stubborn nature, may become her biggest downfall.

- Estimated at 30 - 50 minutes playing time
- There's a cat

Great news! Crystal the Witch is free to play, and forever will be. We sincerely hope you enjoy it! The game took a month in total to complete, and was originally aimed for a NaNoRenO (game jam) release. 

- Costs nothing

Crystal the Witch was created by Devikomi. To achieve even greater heights, and get accustomed to what making a small game would entail, Crystal the Witch was born! The experience was a necessary part of creating something bigger and we're really proud with what was made in the limited time frame available!

- Art, writing, programming and UI by Devikomi.

- Additional guest planning by RK5  and Jared Barr

- Guest voice actor CinderSlash.

Visit Devikomi

If you enjoyed Crystal the Witch, in any aspect, please consider supporting Devikomi on Ko-Fi! We have big plans in the future, and we'd love to be able to work on them. Your support is genuinely appreciated and helps out a lot! There's a small portion of Crystal the Witch concept work already over there! 

You can also follow Devikomi on Twitter!

We're really excited to start work on 'Kensik' next, a medieval fantasy RPG, focused on a travelling warrior aiming to reach the fabled sky city.


Crystal The Witch - Windows 99 MB
Crystal The Witch - Android 99 MB
Crystal The Witch - Linux 89 MB
Crystal The Witch - Mac 82 MB
Mini Extra: 1080p Wallpaper Bundle 9.2 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip and run 'CrystalTheWitch.exe' to play!
Linux: Unzip and run 'CrystalTheWitch.sh'
Android: Allow unknown apps to be installed on your android device, or download from the Play Store!
Mac (non-notarized): Open  'System Preferences', allow to run manually. Please note that Apple may change this behaviour.

Also available on

Development log


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nice work

Very cute, I really liked it!

Loved the game novel, nice story, funny cat, good 4th wall breaking usage, overall awesome game novel. Please make a sequel or develop more of this game novel. Loved it!


This story was highly enjoyable, thanks so much for making it! I know that this is probably oversharing a little, but I didn't sleep last night and have been basically nonverbal all day (don't mix autism and TBIs), and I just wanted to say that reading this really cheered me up! Lily is a gem, I really enjoyed her banter with Crystal, and I literally laughed out loud during the end credits sequence! Also, I know that it's a small detail, but I really appreciated that there was a back button; accidentally clicking through dialogue without being able to rewind is one of my visual novel pet peeves, haha.  I downloaded the mobile version of this game, and didn't encounter any technical issues; it even remembered my place in the story when it had to reload after I switched applications.

Anyway, in conclusion, thank you again for creating this fun experience with an important message, and best of luck with your future games!

very good novel!! on of the best i found on itch.io!! nice graphics and the monologues of Chrystal are sometimes very funny!

Is there romance here?


This looks like a really fun game sadly I cannot download because im on my dads pc :( Also I love the art! <3

This was a really fun game! Loved the sense of humour and the way the story played out, and the artwork was great too - goes without saying that Lily was the true star though ;)

That was fun! Nice Job!

You caught me with that cat, gonna play it and give my review!

Excellent! ❤️



This was pretty enjoyable to play!

If you wish to have this game translated into Spanish, feel free to send me a message!


Hi dunkelheyt! Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed it!


This is definitely the cutest and most wholesome VN I've ever played.

Everything from the illustrations, the character, the writing and music.

It just made me happy on the inside.

Although linear, the story told was enough to remind me that there is still something out there other than dark and edgy games.


Aww, thanks a lot, BackgroundN0ise! I’m happy to hear you had a good time with it. I watched your playthrough as well, thanks for sharing it!

I noticed you spotted two uncapitalized words, so I’ve fixed them too haha.


This game is really cute omg! Can we translate it into Turkish?


Thanks Phymos!! You’re absolutely welcome to translate if you’d like to.

This is a really cool game! ONE OF MY FAVS!

Aw, thank you so much, Astrid! It’s pretty amazing to hear something you made ended up as one of someones faves 💜

I hope to translate the game into other languages. Unfortunately, the message in the picture needs to be modified with Photoshop

Hi there!

I’m very open to translations should people wish to do so. You’re more than welcome to reach out when you’re at the stage of image modification and I will gladly make appropriate changes.

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I really liked the history, I loved Lily, and it had a pretty cool ending

I have a question tough, Witchseller00 said about a book "it's about an artificial intelligence wich controls a locked down research laboratory."

isn't that portal? lol


Hey Ony! Thanks a lot for leaving your comment! 💜

You’re right, that is Portal haha. That particular line came about because a friend was writing a story of a similar nature, however it could be referenced to many things. :)


I just played only few minutes, but I'm sure it's the best visual novel game ever! I hope that I can help you to translate in Japanese because all of us may like it :D

Thanks yuujean! I’m really happy you’re giving it your time, I hope you enjoy the rest of it! 💜

I’d definitely like all languages to enjoy it, but translation is quite a lot of work. If you decide to do anything, let me know!

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I wanna make something like that so professional one day. Congratulations!

Thanks a lot, Lud! I’m positive you would be able to make something similar if you put your mind to it, for sure!

-Made a Video.

"nice and short."

Thanks for playing, WesttlE! I hope you enjoyed it!

Very good, very nice work on artwork too.

I look forward to see a more big project.

Thanks a lot for the encouraging words and giving it a play, John! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the work that went into it as well! 💜


The moment this game pass by my feed, I know I have to check this out and I am not disappointed at all!

First, I love the characters design  sooooo much! Crystal is a pretty 'lil witch and Lily is such a cutieeee~ cat. I like how you color this game, super adorable! Plus point from me because the GUI is simple and gorgeous.

Next, the story. Despite being short, I found it super nice and relaxing. I pretty much like when Crystal conversing with Lily, however, things that really pique my interest are The Voice and Crystal conversations. Idk maybe it's just me but I think The Voice character is hillarious and funny hehehe. I like how Crystal react to The Voice everytime they do their "job" with narrating the game, such a refreshing concept!

And then, the BGM and SFX. They are pretty much suit every atmosphere and complete the game entirely.

Overall, this game is a cute and relaxing short kinetic visual novel that worth to be playing in your free time~ enjoy the art of the tsundere cute Crystal and the hillarious story of a witch who want to have many friends!

PS : Wait, one man team with 1 month completion? Hats off, Devikomi. You did a great job!

PSS : I'm looking forward to your next project~

Oh wow, thanks a lot for the lengthy comment, Nour! 💜

I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed Crystal! (v) Lily is my fave, but Crystal is nice too, you’re right hehe.

It was a lot of hard work writing the narration aspect, but I’m genuinely glad that it is being enjoyed. I don’t see the concept done too much as well, which made it difficult, so thank you!

I appreciate all the feedback you’ve provided, it’s really helpful to know what parts worked so I can improve future things. I’m glad to hear it was able to provide a nice and relaxed hour or so ^^ 💜


A short visual novel, cute and with beautiful art and cathcy songs. A beutiful work to think that it was done in only a month. In my opinion the only problem is the lack of a "real" plot. But I really enjoyed playing it. A great way to spend an hour relaxing yourself, I really reccomend it


Thanks a lot Insadom!

I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed it first and foremost, thanks a lot for checking it out! 💜 Your review means a lot and I appreciate the feedback. I definitely see where you’re coming from in terms of plot, Crystal became more of a short tale in the end haha.


It started off slow but I really started getting wrapped up in its charm near the middle of it : )

Very cute art, too!  I really enjoyed it. You encouraged me to look into RemPy again as well :)


Thanks for showing your video Maltosier! ^^ It was really fun to see your reaction and thoughts. I’m really glad you gave it a try and enjoyed it, thanks for giving it your time and leaving some positive feedback! 💜

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Of course!
Hope to see more from you :)

You planning to ever revisit Crystal for another story? :)


I hope you’ll see more too! Haha… I hope ,v,

I wouldn’t ever say no to revisiting Crystal, but it was definitely something small and standalone originally!

Something to use for learning purposes such as creating layered sprites, grasping how much goes into the script and programming side of things, etc.

There was actually a lot ideas and content that didn’t make it, so it was really helpful in terms of learning to cut content down to the essentials as well! Keeping the thematic theme was tough too, it was quite darker in theme, but became much lighter, with Crystal interrupting before it got too dark haha.

I definitely would like to focus on the next project, which is a lot more than a basic visual novel. I wouldn’t be opposed to returning to Crystal for something at some point though!

Sorry for my long winded answer here :>


Wow. That was really insightful and I appreciate you taking the time to explain that.

Game development can be hard and learning to let go of things just so you can eventually actually finish is important! It's something I struggle with all the time.  I hope one day I can finish a few of my own prospective projects : )
I wish you best of luck! Going to be following you and seeing what comes next! 


Lovely funny little game! I love the art style, it is really cute. I also love how Crystal communicates with her cat (I often pretend to understand and talk with my cat too xD). 

The story was a little bit odd at times but funny at the same time. The narrator voice in her head made it abit confusing to read but maybe that was the trick. A longer story about Crystal and her cat going on an adventure could totally work out. Good job! 

Hi Aloisya! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Great to hear you had a fun time with Crystal! Cats are certainly good listeners and amazing to talk to, haha.

The voice is quite an unusual and confusing personality, that’s for sure. I don’t know the specific details regarding its contract, but I believe it’s doing it on purpose. Until we become witches ourselves, I’m not sure we’ll ever truly know!

Regardless thank you for taking the time to play and share your thoughts, hopefully it was worth a chuckle or two. :>


This is really cute! I love all the art, especially Crystal's character design and facial expressions.

Thanks a lot, Jane! Really great to hear you enjoyed it! Working with so many expressions, and the poses, was a definite challenge at first. Hearing it paid off is wonderful! 💜


I played and honestly? This is one of the cutest things I've seen in a while. I really loved the cat. (I talk to my dog like this, so it feels so real!)

Also the art and animations are phenomenal. They work so well with the game! Kudos! I can't wait to see more by you!!!!


Aw thank you so much for the kind feedback, Mutive! It’s really great to hear you enjoyed it! The cat is a favourite here too (I see your cat actually turned into a dog, be careful with your potion brewing)!

Thanks a lot for the positiveness! I hope you’ll see more in the future!! 💜

Cute story and I found the writing humorous made me laugh and I felt good playing had a fun time joking around with this one thank you for the work you put into this :) 

Thanks Leo! Haha, great video. I like your humorous take on things, that was refreshing! I'm happy you took time to notice some of the little things. Really happy to hear you liked it! Really awesome to hear it's a feel-good type of experience!

Thank you again I'm glad you were able to enjoy it lol and I wish you the best with the success to the game and if you decide to make future content I hope it all goes well!  


Really like the part when the "narrator" messed up with main character and player, hope you can keep it in your other projects!

Aww, thanks, Lscander! I'm really happy you liked those parts! It was definitely fun, and something to experiment with in the future. Thanks for playing as well! :>

Absolutely love the game, still have to make the second part, but loving the story so far, the characters, colors, music, and the concept.


Thanks so much for playing through Crystal! It was a joy to see your live reaction, and it's really awesome to hear you're loving it! 💜 Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest as well! Thanks for the feedback!

No problem and thank you for your wonderful content, stay tune for the second part.


This is amazing for a free game. Playtime is around 15-25 mins.


Thanks Icicles, I'm really happy you enjoyed the experience! I also appreciate the review, it means a lot! Some elements are definitely limiting when going free, but I'm super glad everything came together enough for you to call it fantastic!

wait is this game just update again or ???

Hey there! The game has been updated just once, to 1.1!

okay thanks for telling and keep up the good work, i can't wait for more games for you 😊

Of course, thanks a lot for sparing some time and playing it! Hopefully you'll see some cool things in the future!

You're welcome this game was amazing and cute ( and of course i love the cat so much lmao ) i will always support you dev 😭

I'm really happy you enjoyed it!! 🙀🙀 I love knowing it could brighten someone's day up! Hehe, I'll be counting on your kind support in the future then! 


This was such a delight to play and so polished! I love the UI, the music, the art, the whole thing was a treat!!

Thank you, Hex!! That's really amazing to hear! I'm really glad it comes across polished as a whole, too! I'm glad it could treat you for an a hour or so, means it was worth it! :>


This game is so prettyy!!!

Thanks a lot, Raseruuu! Very happy to hear you like the aesthetic! ♡