Minor Patch (1.1)

Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you everyone that has played, shared and given their lovely feedback! I'm really blessed, and very happy you're enjoying it!

The game has been updated with a very minor patch to address the following (potential spoilers):

  • Crystal and Witchseller00's forum posts are now bigger and clearer to read
  • The transitions between Crystal, the Spirit, and the Voice text box sprites, during the graveyard scene, have been extended
  • Crystal is no longer confused about whether the Halloween event is today or tomorrow while conversing with Witchseller00
  • The phone time is now more accurate in the last chapter
  • A small selection of grammatical errors have been addressed
  • A small selection of lines have been reworded slightly, including some of the forum replies
  • Lily is still the best character

This patch is in version 1.1.

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